Artisanal, premium quality
extra virgin olive oil
from South Africa

Award-winning, unfiltered olive oil, straight from our honest, small-scale farm in Franschhoek.

Proud member of SA Olive.

South Africa,
an untapped source of incredible olive oil.

South Africa is not a significant player in the olive oil market, unfairly so. The rich soil and mild climate in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley provide our modest farm with the ideal conditions for our extraordinary olive grove.

Artisanal and honest quality.

Our small team of industry professionals is exclusively sourced from local farmers with fair pay. Every Lamara olive is handpicked before it’s artisanally processed into unfiltered extra virgin olive oil of the highest standards. Our orchards are sustainably maintained without the use of artificial preservatives.


We also put all our love in our 100% pure essential oil. Our Rosmarinus CT Verbenone and our lavandin Abrials is grown in an organic and regenerative fashion.